Healthcare revenue is hard. Unlock peak performance and growth with Adonis.

Adonis is the first revenue intelligence platform that delivers AI-driven insights to help your medical practice, hospital, or digital health clinic beat revenue KPIs.

Reduce leakage, improve accounts receivable, and help your team lower the cost to collect... so you can focus on what matters: providing care.

Adonis helps your team collect more

Revenue is your most important business process.
Run it like one.

Payer reimbursements

How much revenue are you leaking from Payer denials?

Adonis helps diagnose problems, benchmark performance, and prioritize opportunities that improve productivity and financial performance

“We immediately learned opportunities to improve our ability to collect from patients and quickly saw an improvement.”
Head of RCM, Boston-based MSO
Patient Responsibility

Patient responsibility continues to increase as a percentage of total revenue

Streamline eligibility verification and help increase registration accuracy with broad payer connectivity.

Adonis flags services that are not covered and identifies registration errors in real time, so staff can verify information with patients directly, inquire about secondary coverage, and place payment methods on file, when relevant.


increase in patients who paid within 30 days


reduction in denials due to insurance eligibility

How it works

Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Adonis gathers data from your entire organization
Adonis connects with your existing EHR, practice management software, and billing systems in real-time, and cleans and structures the data so that you can get relevant insights.
2. Adonis turns that data into actionable insights for you and your finance team
Adonis uses machine learning and analytics to give you a cockpit view into revenue collection, leakage, denials, eligibility issues, and accounts receivables, and helps identify areas of revenue cycle improvement.
3. Adonis works with you and your finance team to find automation opportunities for increased revenue and decreased leakage.
Adonis’s AI identifies your biggest opportunities and can work directly alongside your billing department.
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Revenue intelligence

Turn payer reimbursement and patient payments activity into insights that improve revenue

Adonis makes RCM easy with actionable insights that take the stress out of managing your business.

"We review Adonis during weekly team meetings to improve our eligibility and claims submission processes. Adonis gives us the tools and insights we need to address our biggest issues."
Founder and CEO of Orthopedics Practice
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